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Cassette Air Conditioning – If you don’t want your air conditioning unit to be wall mounted, a cassette unit is the solution. This unit is built into the ceiling, and all that is visible is the unit’s grill face. As it is above your head, it has less effect on the aesthetics of the room. The installation of a cassette system is slightly more complicated than a split system and therefore more expensive.

Split Unit Air Conditioning – This is one of the most popular systems purchased for domestic use. The heat and cool system is a useful backup to have in the home, especially if your conventional heating system breaks down plus it is much cheaper to run than your conventional heater.

Ducted Air Conditioning – Ducted air conditioning can be completely hidden or be on display depending on the project. It is a popular choice in commercial and industrial premises.

VRF Air Conditioning – VRF air conditioning (variant refrigerant flow) is an innovative system designed for large buildings which have different working areas. The system enables temperatures to be changed individually in each room depending on choice of installation. There are two types of VRF installation, two pipe, is a basic installation, or three pipe, which allows for each evaporator (indoor unit) connected to that same system to have either cooling or heating. In other words where there are two offices beside each other and one staff member requires a cool room and the other prefers a higher temperature; they can both get what they want from the three pipe system. This system is far more comfortable and economical than a single temperature system.

VRV Systems – The Variable Refrigerant Volume HVAC System is a relatively new technology developed by Daikin, the world’s leading HVAC manufacturer. New VRV systems offer high levels of energy efficiency, as well as flexibility. They operate quietly and provide the user full control of the environmental temperatures.

Floor Mounted Air Conditioning – Floor mounted units are ideal if wall mounted units are not an option. They can be fitted into a wall recess or under a window. They are ideal for commercial premises such as large showrooms and are also a winner with conservatories.

Ceiling Suspended Air Conditioning – This is a good alternative, if you are unable to put in a false ceiling, the unit is suspended from your original ceiling.

Ventilation – A balanced ventilation system usually has two fans and two duct systems. Fresh air supply and exhaust vents can be installed in every room, but a typical balanced ventilation system is designed to supply fresh air to rooms or spaces where occupants spend the most time.

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