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EHere at ENVIROAIRCON, we have been providing air conditioning solutions to residential and commercial clients for the past 20+ years. We have a team of expert engineers who are dedicated to designing and fitting the very best in cooling and heating systems. We specialise in Split, Multi-Split, VRF, VRV and DVM systems and provide innovative design ideas to both commercial and residential sectors.

During the past few years we have seen a tremendous change in consumer demand for greener solutions, coupled with huge technological advances towards this end by the air conditioning manufacturers. Air conditioning has now become more affordable, the running costs are cheaper and the damage caused to our planet is diminishing. At last, air conditioning is an option that can be considered by individuals and business that care about the environment.

Our Engineers attend regular courses in order to update and improve their skills. We comply with RAC regulations and we strive to maintain our reputation for quality and first class service.


EnviroAirCon provides energy efficient air conditioning solutions to commercial, industrial and residential sectors, throughout London and the Home Counties.

We only supply and fit the best in energy saving appliances, guaranteed to emit less CO2 gasses, which in turn helps to prevent global warming.

We pride ourselves on having a skilled engineering team that will design a system to suit your individual requirements. We will visit your business premises or home, in order to discuss your requirements. We will offer our advice as to which product best suits your needs.

We will Provide a clear quotation outlining the work to be done and the costs involved in the supply and fitting of the system.

We are competitively priced.

Air conditioning can be beneficial to:  Premises where the noise level is high lots of external dust lack of proper ventilation such as windows or door that cannot be left open. Commercial premises that need to ensure customers are comfortable and in industrial areas, where temperature control is an important part of a production.


Think… energy saving…? Think… reduced CO2…? Think… EnviroAirCon…?


Here at Enviro Air Conditioning we make sure your system suits your requirements exactly.  Buying off the shelf in a supermarket inevitably means that you haven’t got the correct sized units and leads to wasted energy and money.

Enviroaircon qualified Engineers are installation experts in the field of air conditioning. They have been trained to fit units in a domestic, commercial or industrial environment.

We install air conditioning units from the world’s leading brands, including Mitsubishi, Daikin, Fujitsu, LG, Toshiba, Panasonic and Hitachi.

They will work quickly in order to cause as little disruption as possible and they will clear up any mess made by the installation work.

Maintenance & Repairs

It is important to maintain your air conditioning system in order that it continues to run efficiently and to replace any worn parts before they cause the unit to fail.

EnviroAirCon provides a full maintenance package. If we have installed your air conditioning, we will send you a reminder about your maintenance check, which we promise to undertake at an affordable price. If you already have air conditioning, contact us and we will give you a competitive quote.

Our Engineers are also certified to carry out maintenance checks and repairs of any F-Gas leakage in accordance with F-Gas regulations.

We have the expertise to maintain individual, commercial and industrial air conditioning systems.


We can work with all air conditioning system brands and are dealers for the best brands in the industry.

Our Specialists Engineers with huge commercial and industrial experience are experts in servicing your unit to a very high level.

Get in touch today to book your service and rest assure if you take out a servicing contract with us your savings will be even bigger!


We’re Good at Different Areas and We Promise About High Quality of Our Works


‐ The Most Reliable & Experienced Engineers For Your Next Project ‐


We’re Some Specialist Engineers with Powerful Knowledge, Passion & Skills Sets who take Pride in our Workmanship, Bringing You the VERY Best!

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We DO Our Best to Deliver Our Clients Real High Quality Services Delivering Projects on Time with Minimal Disturbance


We’ve Worked with Lots of Amazing Companies on their Projects and of Course We’ve Made Them So Very Happy!

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